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Admissions to any UK university are becoming more and more competitive every year with top universities dropping their admission rate to as low as 5%. Especially with interviews given to international students, applying to the top UK universities may seem daunting.

YOUni Prep has worked with hundreds of students to convey their best selves in their university application from deciding what university/course to select to extensive interview preparation. With a personalized team who have decades of experience with networks in universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Kings and St Andrews, YOUni prep guides you down the best path to get you where you want to go.  YOUni Prep is officially a member of the International Association for College Admission Counseling.


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The Interview

A Deep, thorough interview is conducted to understand your unique experiences. This includes uncovering childhood anecdotes, unknown passions, goals and aspirations, humorous stories and a lot more. By understanding who you are as a person, essays can be tailored to your unique identity.


You will work with your consultant to generate ideas and interesting ways to convey yourself using the facts that you have just uncovered together. Here, we will discover any trends and themes that seem to keep propping up! Eventually leading us to develop ideas un till you find something you love.


Now with an idea of who you are, we begin working on a draft. Initially, you will take the time to write in your unique voice and tone which is extremely important! Our expert advisors will then work with you to perfect the language and structure of the entire essay. Remember, you have unlimited revisions so you will work with your expert until you find a topic and essay you are happy with.


After multiple revisions, a well-polished essay will be produced. You can be confident that you expressed your story in the most eloquent way to the admissions officers!

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