Shabari Shields

Chief Consultant

Shabari is a highly experienced university counselor with over 20 years of international experience of placing students at top universities. Before becoming a college counselor, Shabari was heavily involved in the field of educational psychology. This ultimately led her into a career of teaching. Shabari’s background in education has manifested itself in a student approach model where she makes it her mission to put the student and their needs first: a model well engraved into YOUni’s culture. Shabari has consulted for many prestigious boarding schools in the U.K and in the Middle East, creating a robust college counseling system for every school she touches. Under her guidance alone, multiple students have gained admission to top universities including schools like Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy league. Shabari is also head of recruiting as her experience in both the U.K and MENA region as well as her expert understanding of both UK and US admission places her at the top of her field.